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Why Focus on Pittsburgh's Public Bath Houses?

We believe Pittsburgh's public bath houses and their history provide a unique lens to access our city's industrial past.  They connect us back to stories of hygiene, philanthropy, recreation, industry, architecture, and most importantly of all, our own neighborhoods. 

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WHat's the Project Timeline?

The project began in earnest with the research and landmark designation of Pittsburgh's, and Pennsylvania's, last functioning public bath - the Oliver Bath House in 2016-17.  Focusing on one bath house a year, we're anticipating the project culminating with a thematic National Register of Historic Places listing in 2021.

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What's the Ultimate Project Goal?

The main goal is to elevate our understanding and appreciation for the history of public bathing in Pittsburgh.  We'll achieve this through research, publications, landmarking, and community engagement activities.


How Can I help?

Have a good story or photos to share about the baths?  Contact us at: info@preservationpgh.org

Also, please consider donating to help further the initiative!