Here's just a small sampling of the treasures we've helped preserve in form or memory over the years.

Pennsylvania Railroad Fruit Auction & Sales Building, Strip District.

Threatened with partial demolition in 2013, Preservation Pittsburgh sponsored the historical nomination of the Produce Terminal Building.  As the owner (the Urban Redevelopment Authority) objected to the nomination a super majority in City Council was needed.  By a vote of 5 for to 4 against, the nomination failed in Pittsburgh City Council.  By this time, however, a new administration took office under Mayor Peduto who was able to renegotiate the plans so the entirety of the terminal could be saved and a plan for its complete reuse be established.


Former St. Nicholas Church, Troy Hill.

When the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh under the direction of Bishop Zubik planned to close and demolish the oldest Croatian church in America, Preservation Pittsburgh joined in a chorus of community groups to fight the demolition.  While unfortunately we were unsuccessful in saving the building, Preservation Pittsburgh continued to work with community partners to ensure an educational memorial rise from the ashes so that all would remember the church, and community, that is no more.


Civic Arena, Lower Hill District

Faced with the imminent demolition of a skyline-defining landmark, Preservation Pittsburgh took aggressive action, filing a federal lawsuit to preserve the building.  While we were ultimately unsuccessful in preserving the building, we remain dedicated to preserving its memory as well as the heritage of the Lower Hill District which it had replaced.