Religious Architectural Heritage Committee


Calling attention to the importance of ecclesiastical architecture has been an integral part of Preservation Pittsburgh’s mission since nearly our inception.  Current and former places of worship are interwoven into the fabric of our neighborhoods and contribute to their historic charm.  These buildings represent the hard work of the congregations and their dedication to their various faiths.

In 2017 the Religious Properties Committee changed their name to Religious Architectural Heritage Committee as we broadened our mission to be more inclusive of former religious structures and the risk they faced as they transitioned to another use.  In that same year, RAH decided to focus on calling attention to Wilkinsburg, a community with nearly 40 churches in its roughly 2.2 square miles.  Of these 40 religious structures, 20 were built before 1930.

As part of this initiative we interviewed members of the clergy, photo documented each building, and discussed ways to introduce historic preservation into their communities.  RAH partnered with Captured::Pittsburgh to host a walking tour that brought 80 photographers to the neighborhood, and we also held a photo contest of sacred structures in Wilkinsburg.

In 2018 Neighborhood Allies hired consultant Jennifer Chenoweth to engage neighbors in various community building art activities in Wilkinsburg.  RAH teamed up with Jennifer for the First Annual Tour of Wilkinsburg’s Sacred Spaces, an event attended by over 300 people. For more on the Sacred Spaces II Tour, please click here.

RAH will conduct the Second Annual Sacred Spaces Tour – An Architectural Tour on October 12, 2019.  We will have over 15 religious structures open for view. 

All are welcome to attend this free event.  Keep an eye out for our banner in Wilkinsburg!

For information, contact Amy Fisher, PP board member: