The Pittsburgh Modern Committee of Preservation Pittsburgh celebrates and explores our city’s 20th-century modern and postmodern architecture and design as groundwork for preservation.

Our mission is to raise public awareness of modern sites in Pittsburgh and establish their significance in context - to the local community and nationally- by generating documentation, programming, education, and advocacy.

Across the United State and in Pittsburgh, the modern legacy is inclusive buildings and sites that represent the modern period of design, generally constructed between the 1930s-1980s, primarily demonstrated during post-WWII period, through until the 1970s.

As sites of modern architecture and design reach or exceed historical status they merit the consideration typically reserved for earlier periods, as their preservation and transformation is significant to the fabric of Pittsburgh and the region.

Appreciating the architecture, environments, and experiences based on 20th-century modern design principals is integral to embracing Pittsburgh’s built environment and multifaceted histories.