• What benefit is there to listing the parks?
    • Listing the parks on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) recognizes their historic importance and celebrates their meaning to us a Pittsburgh and to the nation.  Listing the parks also gives us all a better understanding of each park's history, what elements within the park contribute to their significance, and how we can best respect the integrity of the parks.  It also provides the park stakeholders, like the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy the opportunity to pursue grants related to properties listed on the NRHP if they so choose.

  • Does listing the parks on the NRHP provide protections to the parks?
    • No.  Listing something on the National Register provides recognition of its historic importance but does not provide any legal protections or review to the property itself unless federal funding is used or pursued as part of the property.
  • Why not just list all of the parks at once?
    • Listing each park is a long process and we want to ensure that the research conducted is thoroughly done and that the neighbors, communities, and stakeholders in each park have the opportunity to engage and play a meaningful role in the listing process.
  • Why only these three, what about the other parks?
    • Fortunately, Schenley Park and Allegheny Commons are already listed on the NRHP (although Schenley Park's nomination is so dated, it could use a brush up).  Our primary focus is to ensure that Pittsburgh's other regional parks of historic importance are recognized.
  • What about Emerald View Park?
    • Unfortunately, Emerald View Park is too young to be considered for listing on the NRHP.  Check back with us in 2065!
  • And the smaller parks like Mellon Park and Mellon Square?
    • We are fully committed to ensuring that all of Pittsburgh's parks that have historic potential for listing on the NRHP are pursued in due time.  It is our position that Pittsburgh's parks should have the historic recognition that deserve.
  • Are you pursuing a listing on the City of Pittsburgh's Register of Historic Places?
    • The City of Pittsburgh's Cultural Heritage Plan specifically calls for Schenley, Frick, Highland, and Riverview Parks to be listed on the City's Register of Historic Places and it is our aim to ultimately work toward that goal.  But it's a long trail that we believe starts with understanding what is historic about the parks and what within the parks contributes to their historic status.  Listings of the NRHP provides an opportunity to do just that and to engage with neighbors, communities, and other stakeholders so that everyone has an opportunity to shape the designation process.
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  • I love the parks and want to help!  How can I get involved?
    • We love the parks too!  Send us an email and we'll be in touch shortly.
  • Who is doing all of this research and writing?
    • We're proud to be working with Angelique Bamberg of Clio Consulting on the listings.