Former Holy Family Church (Pending per MOU)

“Kosciol-Najsw.-Rodziny”. 1939. From the Collection of Helen   Pokorski  , Preservation Pittsburgh.

“Kosciol-Najsw.-Rodziny”. 1939. From the Collection of Helen Pokorski, Preservation Pittsburgh.

Holy Family was established in 1902 as a Polish congregation in response to the rapid increase in immigration to Lawrenceville from the geographical areas that would comprise the former (and future) Polish state.  The congregation met at a church and school house on Foster St. until they were able to raise the funds in 1939 to construct a new church on 44th St.

Upon its completion in 1940, Holy Family Church was the largest religious structure in Lawrenceville's 9th Ward and one of the largest constructed in the community.  Since it was executed in a style that drew inspiration from some of the more prominent churches in Poland and its early congregation consisted largely of Polish immigrants and their descendants, Holy Family was known as polski kosciol or the "Polish Church."

The former Holy Family Church is significant for its use of Eclecticism, an architectural style that in this structure blended Romanesque, traditional Polish elements, and a modern design aesthetic.  It is also notable as a prominent feature in the neighborhood and for its connection to the architect, engineer, and builder Anthony (Antoni) Pyzdrowski.