Heathside Cottage Nominated for Historic Landmark Status

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In partnership with its owners, we recently submitted an historic landmark nomination for Heathside Cottage in Pittsburgh's Fineview neighborhood to the City's Historic Review Commission for consideration.

Likely constructed between 1864-66, it first served as the home of "Colonel" James & Maria Carson Andrews, a nationally-prominent builder and homemaker, respectively, when the neighborhood was comprised of large tracts of land. As time progressed, the land was subdivided and the house became home to plethora of interesting characters.

Screenshot_2019-05-02 HABS PA,2-PITBU,33- (sheet 6 of 6) - Heathside Cottage, 416 Catoma Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Coun[...].png

Today, Heathside Cottage is home to theater artists Greg Manley & Catherine Gowl. The cottage gardens also function as a performance venue for City of Play, an organization devoted to reminding us all of our innate ability to play. They seek to transform their Gothic Revival masterpiece and home as a gathering place and point of pride for the neighborhood and city. More information about the house, including photographs, may be found here.

Heathside Cottage's architectural design is exemplary and draws direct stylistic connections to mid-19th Gothic Revival residential architecture more commonly found in New York's Hudson River Valley. We hope that Pittsburgh's City Council will move to recognize the exceptional nature of their home and celebrate its role in Pittsburgh's history.

If you would like to lend your support for the designation, please email the City’s Preservation Planner, Sarah Quinn at sarah.quinn@pittsburghpa.gov.

We would like to thank Greg Manley & Catherine Gowl for their partnership, as well as the Fineview Citizen’s Council for their support!

If you would like to help our landmarking efforts, please consider donating to our Landmarking Fund.