Meet our Newest Director, Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher.jpg

Amy mostly grew up in the town of Arnold, PA and moved to the Brookline neighborhood of Pittsburgh when she got married in 1997. Interested in photography and architecture since childhood, she would sit with an art pad and draw floor plans of her friends' houses and design her own. But failing mathematics, she gave up a career in architecture and instead pursued real estate.  She has been in that industry since 1999, while also earning a secretarial degree from Westmoreland County Community College in 1995.

A self-taught photographer who continues to learn and evolve through many different classes, workshops, and affiliations, she launched her own photography business, Pawsburgh Photography, in 2013.  She started photographing dogs for her friend's rescue, Forever Home Beagle Rescue, in 2010 and it took off from there.  Currently she also photographs properties for other real estate agents. Architecture and dogs are not typically thought of together, but they are her passions. 

Amy is heavily involved in Brookline community groups, having served as secretary for both South Pittsburgh Development Corp. and the Brookline Chamber of Commerce for several years each.  She was also the Book Project Manager for the Brookline, Images of America book project and today photographs for The Brookline neighborhood newsletter.  She is a member of the New Kensington Camera Club, the New Kensington Arts Center, South Pittsburgh Development Corp., the Religious Architecture Heritage committee of Preservation Pittsburgh, and Northway Christian Community Dormont.  She has been published in Cesar's Way Magazine (Cesar Milan), Phipps Grow, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation member newsletter, and Pet Connections Magazine.  Amy crosses all bridges and maintains a crisp speed through all tunnels, photographs all over the city, sharing her work on her website, Facebook page, and Instagram.  She has a passion for introducing Pittsburghers to the South Hills neighborhoods, as well as her one husband, two children, and three rescue dogs!